Happy New Year Everyone


Hi All, hope you all had a great Christmas and a very safe and fun New Years.

It was all happening down Rundle Mall before and during Christmas.

I call this the Rundle Mall Lady, she most likely has a name which is unknown to me. She features on the Mall TV ads.


I loved these VW’s all painted white with trees growing out of the sunroof, pink deck chairs for lounge and for those with more energy a rock climbing pillar. I was so disappointed it was closed, as I was sooo into giving that a go.

This is Roy ‘Mo’ Rene or just ‘Mo’ 1891-1954, he is one of Australia’s loved comedians and his statue is in Hindley Street. I like this statue and thought it needed to be shared. Some of his favourite catchphrases are:

‘Strike me lucky’

‘Don’t come the raw prawn with me’

‘Fair suck of the sav’

‘You beaut’


When looking around at possible new sewing machines for myself, one of the shops had a bunch of old machines on display. The old Elna is the same model my mother had for years, was blown away to see it sitting on the floor and in very good condition too. The second is the machine I have just traded up from and have decided to keep for my daughter. The last is my new machine and what a gem she is, believe it or not I have already started making some Christmas presents on it, trying out all the fancy stitches. I plan to buy the quilting extension table and am seriously considering getting the embroidery extension. So will have to wait for photos of the secret Christmas projects until after they have been given out.



Tricias Discount Fabrics, 11-13 Price St, Melrose Park, SA 5039

I think I am about two photos short of getting the whole store. The most amazing collection of quilting fabrics I have ever seen. I spent just a small fortune on some nice pieces to help with those secret Christmas projects I’m working on. I could have easily taken out a small loan to purchase the range of childrens flannalette fabrics, just beautiful. So if you haven’t been before and are in Adelaide or visiting it is a MUST VISIT store.


I used to have a lovely Italian neighbour who made me the best zucchini flower fritters, as I was telling a friend who told me her mum batters them. Min and I trotted on down to the twilight Farmers Market where I picked up the flowers needed as well as some Chai Honey and a beautiful bunch of sunflowers. Anyway I added some chives to the simple batter and yum yum they were great.


My lovely neighbour lent me her Sushezi (sushi roller) and as a result I made a selection of sushi for my birthday, which we shared with friends. Some sushi I rolled in sesame seeds. The roller makes a huge difference, giving you perfect sushi every time. Min bought me a Sushezi for my birthday and I have already used it.


I’m going to leave you with these pic’s of Maehe, so take care until next time xx


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